Swasthani.org was established by Pallav Ranjan as an effort to contribute to Himalayan culture, arts, and literature related to the ancient scriptures of Swasthani. Having started work on the adaptation from Nepalese, Sanskrit, Newari, and Maithali versions that contain 1,200 year old stories from the age of 19, his concise English version came out in 1999 after eight years of research, study, and revision. The extended edition appears 16 years after the publication of the first edition. Revered and read by many communities that follow tribal religions, animism, Shaivism, among other religions in the Himalayas, the scriptures are named after the powerful mother goddess Swasthani. Other sections of the website offer extensive information on the practices, content, and offerings.

Mission: to increase awareness, understanding, and affinity for age-old Swasthani traditions of the Nepal Himalaya.

Vision: A world in which there is greater religious tolerance and unity, greater understanding and appreciation of Swasthani and the wisdom contained within the scriptures, and knowledge of its tales among the widest possible audience across the continents.




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